Beauty Inside and Out

October 9th, Stars’N’Bars restaurant in Monaco – free conferences & workshops on how to be beautiful and healthy using natural methods and products. The event will be held from 11am to 7 pm and BoswelliaClub will participate there!


,,Beauty is the biggest subject in nowadays. Billions of people value the industry created around it and hundreds of thousands methods created to improve it.
The result of all those actions: satisfaction of the people with their beauty dropping down.
Most of the methods are trying to improve separate objects of the beauty and mostly for short time, not reaching the roots.
I can help you to see the roots and understand the system on how to reach and keep the beauty for your life time.
Outer Beauty is only expression of your inner harmony, balance and level of happiness.
Your Outer beauty is connected to your health, your thoughts, your everyday life – so I will show you the way towards healthier, happier and more interesting life.
Other people can see your beauty only if you see the same – so I will show you the way to find your beauty inside and outside of yourself.
You can keep your beauty over your life time if you keep harmony and balance inside yourself with the help of nature.
Care about yourself, spend time how you like and the people you feel good with, live now in your body all the time.

Founder of Boswellia club and Boswellia Holistic and Naturopathy foundation

Click here to check out the programme in Stars’N’Bars facebook page. See you soon!


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