One of nature’s greatest gifts to mankind, Hemp Seed Oil is a bountiful source of high quality nutrition and provides many wonderful medicinal uses as well.

Hemp Seed Oil has a history of use dating back thousands of years to the Chinese Ming Dynasty, and has long been a popular natural remedy in eastern cultures.
Hemp oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, which is scientifically known as Cannabis sativa. Hemp seeds contain a high amount of nutrients including vitamin E antioxidants, insoluble fibers, omega 3, omega 6, polyunsaturated fatty acids and proteins. They also contain a variety of micro-nutrients like chromium, arsenic, thorium and strontium as well as mineral nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, zinc, iron and potassium.
 Hemp seeds and oil have been called ‘Nature’s Perfect Food for Humanity’ by some due to the high nutritional value that comes with a variety of health benefits. Hemp oil along with its products has several benefits.

Super polyunsaturated fatty acids:

As noted, hemp oil contains a high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly stearidonic acid and gammalinolenic acid. While these are not exactly essential fatty acids, they go a long way in helping reduce and eradicate the symptoms of skin conditions like atopic dermatitis among others. It’s however important to note that the amount of these fatty acids varies depending on the quality of hemps seeds that the oil was extracted from.

images (9)Preventing cardiovascular risks and degenerative diseases

The fatty acids and other nutrients contained in hemp oil have been shown in studies to help promote heart health and cardiovascular function while also helping prevent a number of age-related degenerative diseases. Helping to protect your heart, brain and eyes, hemp oil may be effective in warding off some of the natural declines that your body would otherwise undergo over time.
Alpha linolenic acid refers to an omega-3 fatty acid that promotes proper body function and hemp oil contains plenty of it. It is more or less like the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and comes with a variety of benefits including reducing the risk of depression, arthritis and heart disease. In addition, scientific studies have shown that alpha-linolenic acid found in hemp oil can help reduce the amount of low density lipoprotein cholesterol thus reducing clogging of the arteries.

Hormonal balance:

Believe it or not, hemp is the only edible seed that also comes with plenty of alpha-linolenic acid which after digestion is digested to prostaglandin PGE1, a protective hormone that promotes menopausal health and regulates hormonal balance in the body.

Protein content:

According to research conducted at the hemp oil contains 25% high quality protein, which is the building blocks of muscle. This amount of protein is enough to provide the amount of amino acids that comes from eggs and meats. Its structure is also easy to digest. Compared to other oils and foods, hemp oil provides the body with a sufficient amount of proteins and amino acids without the risk of calorie intake.

Demyelination of the nervous system:Hemp_Food_choices

Hemp oil contains various essential fatty acids that are instrumental in maintaining a healthy cell membrane structure. In addition, these fatty acids help protect the myelin sheath from destruction, a process known as demyelination. The myelin sheath is the membrane responsible for protection of nerve cells.

Providing immune system support and anti-inflammatory relief

The composition of hemp oil has been shown to improve the response and functioning of the immune system, strengthening the intestines and reducing the risks of coming down with common conditions like a cold or the flu. Hemp oil is thought to possess anti-inflammatory capabilities, which can help provide relief from joint pain and various other ailments.
Unlike fish oil, hemp seed oil does not contain traces of mercury, making the plant-based pick a good alternative for those who are concerned about the possible side effects and hindrances that can come from mercury poisoning. In general, consuming a pick like fish oil may pose more risks in this regard.
With a high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp oil goes a long way to help regulate the intestinal flora while boosting the immunity of the human body. By doing so, hemp oil improves the resilience of the body and builds a natural barrier against harmful microbes,diabetes, neuropathy and symptoms associated with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMT).

feet_nails_167x250Promoting healthy skin and nails

The high quantity of omega-3 and omega-6 acids means that hemp oil has a composition that is more or less similar to that of skin lipids. This makes the oil a great moisturizer and natural emollient. It’s therefore great for tired, dry or dehydrated nails and skin. It has the ability to increase water retention capacity of the skin as well
 as its elasticity.
As a dietary supplement, hemp oil may actually be able to help treat symptoms of eczema and other skin disorders. Hemp seed oil can also topically act as a moisturizer for skin and nails with antioxidant capabilities that help fight against age-related effects such as wrinkles, discoloration and loss of collagen.
Regular use of hemp oil also helps slow down the aging process and appearance of signs of ageing. It can also prevent the onset of skin disorders such as dry skin, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Hemp oil benefits for hair:

Many hair products including hair conditioners, shampoos, oil, lotions etc are made using hemp oil. This stems from the fact that hemp oil can help improve circulation of blood and oxygen in the brain. In addition, hemp oil helps improve the texture of hair and prevent or eradicate dandruff on the scalp. Using hemp oil on your hair and scalp can also help reduce scalp infections, hair loss and other hair problems. As such, hemp oil is very beneficial if used for hair care.

Prevention of varicose veins:

Like other foods and oils that contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, hemp oil has the ability to thin the blood thus reducing the risk of varicose veins as well as blood clots.
Using natural oils on the skin is a great way to promote natural beauty. Nature’s most amazing foods have the potential and power to keep us healthy, youthful and radiant.
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