Incense benefits

Most people who never or seldom use incense often think of it simply as an air freshener or an odor eater and are unaware of the many benefits it has to the mind and body. Even many regular incense users who use it regularly may not fully appreciate all its physical and psychological benefits.

Below are outlines of why just about every religion and culture since the beginning of time has used incense for its spiritual powers, why tribal healers and physicians throughout history have used incense for its healing powers, why monks have used incense for thousands of years for its concentration powers, why artists use incense to inspire creativity, and why couples use incense to heighten sexual experiences.

Acts as air freshener:

The common use of incense is that it keeps our room or house fresh. Whether you believe it or not, every house has its own particular smell. You cannot notice the smell of your house but when a guest enter to your house, he surely notice that smell. The smell is caused due to various different reasons like the paint on your walls, or from your kitchen, from your dying dresses etc. There is one simple way to control how your house smells and that is by using herbal incense.

Increase happiness:

The smooth aroma of incense affects the brain activities and stimulates various brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine which are the main cause of happiness, relaxation and many more positive feelings. For headache relief, certain aromas of it can help open the nasal passages, while others can lower blood pressure.

Feel good:

After a laborious day when you enter your house, a smooth sweet, peaceful smell can refresh your mood and make your body relax. If your house is filled with
the aroma herbal incense, it will make your feel relaxed and become calm as soon as you enter your house.

Preventing infections:

Incenses are antibacterial properties and can kill many types of germs and clear the environment.It is very useful to prevent infectious germs, and keep the environment clean and germ free.

Improving concentration level:

From the ancient ages monks and religious leaders use incense during the time of meditation to fresh the air as well as their mind and thoughts. They recognized that it can improve our concentration level, focusing power, clear thought processes and developing a state of complete awareness.

Improves our Imagination:

Like smooth music the incense aroma also improve imagination. A pleasing smell can get the creative energy flowing. It joins heaven and earth.

Enhance confidence:

Incense increases our concentration level, motivate us, gives enthusiasm and in this way it also increase our confidence. It make your body calm and cool and at this time you can give your best and when you can give your best you are in pick at your
confident level.

be29c92a99943b0eed367558d7714510Increase libidinal energy:

Everyone knows that pheromones are nature’s aphrodisiac, which is why they are used in perfumes to attract the opposite sex. Similarly, by indulging the sense of smell, incense acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. The scents created by certain incenses stimulate sexual appetite and increase sexual attraction. Additionally, we’ve already covered that incense can boost confidence and enhance focus, and nothing attracts the opposite sex more than confidence and focus. Therefore, even if one were to use incense by himself and then meet up with his partner elsewhere, his increased confidence and focus will naturally turn his partner on. If a couple uses incense together, the smells will kick in the pheromone effect and they most likely will have a hard time keeping their hands off each other.

The safeness and non-addictiveness is only true for 100% natural plant-based incense. Any incense that contains synthetic materials or is burned using charcoal may have undesirable effects on the body. Also, though incense is a great natural remedy, for more serious conditions or disease, please always consult a doctor and follow his prescriptions.
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