Lavender benefits

Lavender essential oil has benefits and uses which include skin care, relaxation, pain relief, and spiritual upliftment.

Lavender oil has many benefits for skin care. Lavandula augustafolia is definitely anlavender-landscape-Provence evergreen shrub that creates bluish mauve flowers. Its native land may be the mediterranean area of southern France. The oil is made of the flowers and processed with a steam distillation method. Lavender is among the gentlest essential oils, making it great for children and the elderly.

Lavender oil develops from a few different plants, however the type most valued is distilled from Lavandula angustifolia. Essential lavender oil possesses properties making it beneficial for helping a variety of conditions and ailments, including several associated with your skin.

Lavender essential oil has benefits and uses which include skin care, relaxation, pain relief, and spiritual upliftment. Before looking in greater detail at how to use the oil, you need to understand the types of  oil.

Lavender Oil Benefits for Skin

Lavender essential oil might give a natural treatment method for asthma to together with traditional treatments. However, you’ll be able to develop a skin rash or any other signs of an allergic response to essential oils, so test drive it on a small section of skin before you apply it to a sizable area.


Acne breakouts are one area where aromatherapists believe lavender may benefit your skin. Both of these properties allow lavender oil to both attack the bacteria resulting in the acne infections and also lessen the swelling and general skin inflammation. To assist get rid of acne, you should use lavender blended into creams.


Lavender deploys antiseptic effects on infections, numbing them and relieving pain. Applications can be created with a small compress and lavender oil on mild scrapes, wounds, abscesses, and boils. The pain sensation of a burn from heat or friction could be reduced greatly in the application of lavender oil. Lavender oil is essential in relieving pain and irritation, as well as reducing swelling brought on by pesky insect bites, wasp and bee stings.


Lavender oil’s capability to help heal burns accounts for the birth of contemporary aromatherapy. In 1928 a French chemist.  Lavender stimulates new skin cell formation. This reduces scarring helping burns heal quicker. Additionally, it works as a pain reliever, and also the antiseptic action helps reduce the risk of infection.

Fungal Infectionslavender_pms_relief

Athlete’s foot and ringworm are skin infections brought on by fungi. Lavender essential oil also acts as an antifungal agent. Lavender oil did have the ability to kill some kinds of fungi.The lavender oil mixed into an alcohol means to fix help dry out the skin. After that you can switch to a lotion or cream with 3-to-5 percent lavender oil.

Calming and Soothing

Strangely enough, the fragrant effects around the olfactory glands in the nose can let the skin and muscles inside a woman’s womb to contract encouraging labor, and for that reason should be avoided for that first six months of being pregnant. Always check with a health care professional before using lavender while pregnant.

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