Popular questions

Where can I find a list of Queensland Government departments?.

A list of Queensland Government departmentsXổ số Mega 645 is available online. It includes each department's contact details and an overview of what they look after.

Where are the government service counters located?

The government service counters are located in suburbs and towns across Queensland. Opening hours will vary depending on which service counter you visit.

A number of servicesXổ số Mega 645, such as renewing your driver licence, can be completed online.

When are school and public holidays in Queensland?

Term dates and school holidaysXổ số Mega 645 are approved and appointed by the Minister for Education Queensland.

Several public holidays are also observed in Queensland.

How do I find out about the law in Queensland?

LegislationXổ số Mega 645 is introduced, passed and repealed by Queensland Parliament and published by the Office of Queensland Parliamentary Counsel.

records any parliamentary debate about legislation.

How do I find a job in Queensland?

Xổ số Mega 645There are several ways to . You might even be interested in .

How much transfer (stamp) duty will I have to pay when buying a property?

Transfer duty (previously called 'stamp duty') will vary based on the value of the property and concessions allowed.

What do I need to know about camping in Queensland?

You must obtain a and pay your before camping in a Queensland park or forest.

More information is available on the .

How do I change my address?

Change of address (multiple services)

You can for multiple Queensland Government services online.

Change of address (individual services)

Use the following links to change your address for specific Queensland Government services:

Change of address (Office of Fair Trading services)

You can update your licence details, including change of address, for industries regulated by the Office of Fair Trading online.

Change of address (company details)

Xổ số Mega 645You can update your company details, including change of address, on the .

Which grants and rebates are currently available?

Xổ số Mega 645 are listed on the Queensland Government Grants Finder.

Special assistance grants include the .

We also have programs for electricity and gas rebates.

How do I tender for government business?

The has information about government tendering opportunities.

How do I pay my vehicle registration?

If you have your payment reference number, you can pay your vehicle registration ('rego'):

How do I apply for a Seniors card?

You can apply for a Seniors Card, Seniors Card +go or a Seniors Business Discount Card:

One online application lets you apply for all three card types.

How do I hire a baby capsule?

You can from Kidsafe Queensland.

Queensland Ambulance Service is no longer taking hire or installation bookings.

How do I complain about goods or services?

You can make a consumer complaint if you are unhappy about goods or services you have received.

You can also lodge an official complaint onlineXổ số Mega 645 or phone 13 QGOV (13 7468).

What is a PPSR check?

The , previously known as REVS, lets you see if there is a debt on a vehicle or boat you want to buy.

How do I view property land valuations?

You can access information about your annual land valuation online.

If you disagree with your notice, you can lodge an objection.