nwsletterlogoHealthy living is within your reach, starting today!

Sure, healthy living is a long-term commitment, not a flash-in-the-pan fad.
But there are steps you can take right now that will make today healthier than yesterday and pave the way for healthy living tomorrow, too.
A healthy lifestyle is a broad concept that includes not a single living area. Many people want to live healthily, but do not know where to start.This pattern occurs primarily in mind, and only then can move on to concrete action. In order to be mentally mature. Mentally mature so that we can properly weigh what is more profitable – or now live in unhealthy, damaging your body and have a stack of old age, severe chronic diseases or take care of themselves and thus delay aging and prolong life.
First, you have to love yourself. Healthy living without love yourself. Do you love your body? Do you care for him? Your body will give you pleasure as much as you give him. If you wont love your body, do not care about it, the body is much faster, he will not provide you a sense of satisfaction. We all want to be beautiful, but the mere desire is not enough.
You need to give just a small effort and a little time.
Alvydas – founder and teacher of life
“The potential for health is within us all. Disease is a process and if we want to heal it, we have to approach it from within. Symptoms are just a cover that does not tell us what the core of the problem is. The whole body has to be balanced for optimal health, including the mind because we are emotional beings.
With these insights I went from being a traditional medical practitioner, today and helping people by using natural holistic methods.
I developed a concept based on my own personal experiences combined with the knowledge acquired by the old masters and teachers in central and eastern Asia, the Middle East and Ancient Greece.”
Holistic medicine has a strong presence in the actual treatment of disease and illness, holistic practitioners also address the emotional, spiritual, mental and social needs of a patient. This all-encompassing approach can therefore be viewed as a form of preventative care, but it is actually much more than that.
I am here to share my experiences and what I have learned and continue to learn in the hopes that it will help you decide what works for you.
Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions.
These tools I provide can easily be implemented into your daily routine.
Please remember living a life of sickness, sadness and depression is not living a life at all.
Your focus in this life is to simply find health and happiness.
It can be done, let me prove it to you.
Milda foundermam
We can find everything we need in the nature. That’s why I strongly recommend to
use only natural products for both men and women to stay beautiful and young. You can make creams from natural products in home very easily and your whole family will be very happy to use them at the same time. Only when using only natural, organic and alive vegetal materials you can have joyful life and longer lifespan with no skin and similar problems.
I also promote to eat only fresh and organic food which include a lot of vegetables and fruits. Truly healthy diet is when you mix correct ingredients together.
It’s all about taking responsibility for your own health since nobody else can do this for you. Once you begin thinking about the consequences of your diet and lifestyle you will have taken a major step towards improving and maintaining your health, the holistic way.
In our Boswellia Club events, you can learn how to change your life from scratch and how to put knowledge to practical use.
Let’s be healthy and happy!
Only the combination of all the methods can give real result.

Who are we?

Boswellia Club carries out its activities throughout the world. When we have passed a road of self-discovery, we’ve created a system that can help everyone to see their inner potential.
Boswellia Club activities:
• Founded in early 2016
• Divisions in southern France and Monaco, Germany, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries and the Baltic states
• Opening up in Switzerland, Italy and the US
• The products are selected by ourselves with professional help and only the highest quality which are organic and natural: essential oils, vegetable oils, non alcolholic perfume,  skin and hair care and other products.
• Raw materials come mainly from France and Oman, but also from Madagascar, Bali, Australia and other places.

What are our objectives?

Making your daily life enjoyable body and soul journey!
Our goal is to provide you with a reliable resource of information to make natural living easy to do!
• We will help you to restore the natural balance and body structure evaluations.
• Rejuvenate and enhance not only the body but also to discover its inner peace, and harmony.
• Learn to raise your quality of life, to support your ongoing wellbeing and happiness and to bring positive vibrations into your life and home.

How are we working toward this goal?

• Organizing interesting, relevant and useful training for personal development.
Training covers all the most important areas in human life that affect the lives of each of our efficiency and quality.
• Personal advice:
After analyzing your physical and inner body condition I adopt individual recommendations as easily and efficiently, we can begin to change the quality of life, including health, unwanted habits, emotional and psychological problems, with the aid of natural gifts of nature, aromatherapy, body exercise, breathing techniques, nutritional adjustment and other lifestyle changes.
• We gather the same-minded people in our events so our club can expand and improve.
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